My Core Beliefs and Values



Bold leadership requires an unwavering belief in a core set of values. I believe the fundamental principles of a person's character are illustrated by Integrity, Leadership, Professionalism, and Respect of others.



I have always communicated with my personnel to personally define each as:


  • Integrity is to boldly do the right thing at all times, even if no one is looking, respecting the right of fair process of all.  Furthermore, we must demonstrate moral strength and courage, act with honor and impartiality, which will inspire confidence through ethical and fair treatment of others.


  • Leadership is to guide, trust, develop and empower colleagues.  A leader must make timely decisions that are guided by values.  I believe true leadership is communicated by being approachable and consistent when dealing with others, inspiring participation and commitment through a shared vision.  A leader must accept responsibility, show commitment, care for the well being of others, above his/her own.


  • Professionalism is demonstrated by maintaining high personal standards, communicating openly and transparently, and seeking accountability among others.


  • Respect is given and received after one is able to accept differing views with tolerance and understanding, listen with patience, and value opinions and provide feedback.

My goals for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

I will continue to provide quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Shelby County that promote the safety, security, and well-being of our community.


I will continue the spirit of success that my predecessor, Sheriff Curry, has instilled in our Sheriff’s Office.  


I believe quality law enforcement services come from a well equipped, well trained, and highly professional staff of Deputies and Corrections Professionals. Therefore, I will continue to actively recruit and hire the best and brightest law enforcement professionals to equitably serve the citizens of Shelby County. 


I have worked to establish strong working relationships with our local,  state, and federal law enforcement partners.  I will continue to foster and strengthen those relationships, as well as making ourselves available to neighboring agencies.


I will continue to represent the fundamental and equitable interest of our County's safety and fiscal longevity.  Just as we always have, I will maintain fiscal transparency in all Sheriff’s Office expenditures and budget needs.


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